Digital vs Offset – What’s The Difference?

Digital vs Offset – What’s The Difference?

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Digital run or offset – how to choose

OFFSET: Advantages in quality and efficiency have made offset printing the most common form of high volume commercial printing since the 1950s. In offset printing the image is burned onto a plate, and then transferred (or offset) from the plate to a rubber sheet (or blanket), and finally to the printing surface.

DIGITAL: Digital printing has been surging in popularity over the last decade due to demand and cost advantages for low quantity runs. Many of the mechanical steps required for offset printing are eliminated which results in a much more affordable print solution.

Which Process Is Better?

That depends on your needs. Do you need it fast or do you want the very best quality available? Do you need a low quantity or a high quantity? Each process has its strengths and weaknesses. Check out the comparison list below to see the differences between each process:

  • High Quality Prints
  • Typically faster turn-around
  • Lower Cost on SHORT RUNS – Typically 1000 or Less
  • Color Proof on Job Specific Stock can be made
  • Variable Quantities – Need 328 instead of 500? We can do that & you will only pay for what you order.
  • Super High Quality Prints
  • Typically a little longer turn-around
  • Lower Cost on HIGH RUNS – Typically 1000 or More
  • Color Proofs (80%-85% Color Accurate) Available for Additional Fee
  • Various Coating Options on Most Products

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