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Color & Branding

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color and branding

Color has a huge impact on our perception about things

Does color matter – does color and branding affect the way clients (and potential clients) perceive your business? Is color and branding gender specific?

The short answer is ‘yes’ color and branding most definitely does matter.

Recently a client of ours asked us to redesign her business stationery. She had happily lived with black ink on white stock for many many years. Now, don’t get me wrong – there’s nothing wrong with black as long as it is BLACK – crisp and clear and not GRAY. However, with the right choice of color/s for your stationery, you can capture a whole new or different caliber of client.

How so? Well, this client told me that she actually couldn’t make a decision on the three main colors we supplied her with for her proofs. We gave her a bold red, a mid blue, and a purple. She had some interesting results. We then gave her one final color – green, so she had four colors to choose from. She (wisely so) asked each one of her own clients (over a period of a week or so), which color they preferred and why. The results were interesting. See below for the samples. Take a look then take our survey to the right and let us know your preference. We’ll update you on the results later!

color light blue
color light blue
color light blue
color light blue